My Former Heart - Due for Release August 2011

In wartime London, the impulsive and beautiful Iris thinks she glimpses her
missing lover on a newsreel at the cinema. Almost at once she sets off
to the Middle East in search of him, sending Ruth, her young daughter,
to be cared for in the country by her uncle. Out in the Lebanon Iris meets
a young doctor, while at school in Malvern Ruth befriends the clever and
sophisticated Verity. Each encounter is to change the course of their lives.
Across three generations, My Former Heart explores the varieties of love
that visit and shape a life.

In spare, luminous prose it looks at loves familiar and forbidden, comfortable and secret, depicting some of the rapture (and comedy) of desire as well as the sorrows of parting. Generous in scope and feeling, economical in style, Cressida Connolly’s richly absorbing first novel shows that love is always remarkable and often unexpected, and celebrates the fact that there is no such thing as an ordinary life.


“A beautiful work of art”***** 

The Telegraph

“Unusual and brilliant”

The Guardian

“A writer who seems able to peer directly into the human heart, to understand its follies and strivings, and to write about them with such sparkling originality that it makes you see the world afresh. . .descriptions as memorable as any I’ve read in years. . .I strongly suggest readers buy two copies - one to savour, and one to throw at the Man Booker judges who unaccountably left it off this year’s long list”

The Spectator

“It packs a huge emotional punch. . .utterly convincing”

The Sunday Times

“A big, ambitious, sweeping story that spans half a century and covers three generations”

The Times

“She can evoke the sensibility of childhood in half a sentence. . .beautifully observed”

The Evening Standard

“Delineated with grace and subtlety, Connolly has as sharp an eye for sexual quirks and social nuance she as does for period detail. . . an admirable debut”

The Daily Mail

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